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Hi there! My name is Cat. California native. San Francisco roots. Adventure, red lipstick, grad school, fashion, therapist-ing, burritos and photographs are among the things you'll find here... "Be in love with your life, every detail of it.” ~Kerouac This is where I document the details. email: insta: TheRedCat_

"I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature."
Friedrich Nietzsche (via happy-absturz)

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Apartment inspiration… My new place has vaulted ceilings and really high, dramatic drapes so it gives off a warehouse feel even though it’s not. I’m going with it and plan on decorating with a laid back industrial loft feel. Swooning hard over here. So beautiful…

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M. Ward - Rollercoaster

You’re like a rollercoaster
You give me heavy metal dreams
You can make a dead man scream
You’re like a rollercoaster

Because it’s 3:30 am and I’m 28 now and tipsy off champagne Caroline brought over and this is lilting musical goodness…

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Yes please.

This just took my breath away. So much yes.


Yes please.

This just took my breath away. So much yes.


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I am getting my smog check done and have thirty minutes to kill so here we go…..
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Name: Everyone calls me Cat unless it is in a professional setting, then Catherine.
Birthday: tomorrow! Aug 30th
Favorite colors: cobalt blue & black
Lucky number: I don’t have one
Height: 5’ 10”  And I wear booties or heels with no shame so yeah. Tall. 
Talents: I can parallel park like a BOSS. I also have a talent for diffusing difficult or tense situations really well. I can also crack peoples knuckles in ways they never even imagined and when cuddling with someone I do it without even realizing it… Watch out now.
Last Dream you remember: I don’t remember my dreams past the moment I wake up. 
Can you juggle: Nope.
Do you like writing: Yes, I do. It is cathartic and helps me organize my thoughts. But it is heavily narrative. The biggest professional challenge the last two years has been writing my dissertation and getting constant feedback that I am too thorough or expressive. They want factual, boring writing. I am awful at that. Let me be long winded and give way too much superfluous information please and thank you.
Do you like dancing: LOVE. Don’t get me wrong- I’m not that great, but I come from a dancing family where we habitually have kitchen dance parties just the few of us. And I have solo dance sessions every morning while doing makeup/ picking out an outfit etc. 
Do you like singing: ha this is so dorky I love it… I toured Scotland and Ireland with my high school a cappella group and was in church choir for a decade! Yet I am now too scared to do karaoke or sing loudly in front of anyone….. Someone wanna explain this to me?
Fantasy Dream VacationMy parents took my sister and I out of school for a month when I was in 6th grade to go to South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. It was the most epic adventure in my life and I would really love to do it as an adult- with someone I love- again. 
Dream Guy: Jeez… someone who has a kind heart. Respectful, trustworthy, appreciative, packing heat, WAIT WHAT? Just wanted to see if you’re still reading ;) I hope we can go to a lovely restaurant and enjoy treating ourselves and we can have just as much fun at my favorite dive bar in the mission or eating Thai in bed. I hope he talks about life and ideas with enthusiasm and he respects my career… Passionate about what he does and takes care of his body. I hope he drinks whiskey with my Dad, makes my Mom laugh, will be an incredible father and is so fucking excited about building a life together.
Dream wedding: I don’t care. I’ve never even imagined it. Which I hear is strange? I am more excited about the actual marriage and being partners on an adventure than a big party.
Dream pet: This is a sore subject. I am a dog mama without a dog. I would love a golden retriever. Or a lioness- which is my spirit animal. Although they are too wild and savvy to be proper pets. Hence why she’s my spirit animal.
Dream job: Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful I get to do what I love and be a psychologist helping women and kids live healthier more fulfilling lives. 
Favorite Song: Don’t Move by Phantogram
Guys/girls/both: dudes 
Hair color: no preference really, but I usually go for darker hair
eye color: hmm doesn’t really matter
humorous/serious: I can’t do without wiitty banter and quick timing which is the biggest turn on. That being said, my job is sometimes very serious and not a lot of people can handle being around the depths and sadness with which I sometimes have to delve. I need a man who can love me when we are peeing our pants laughing and also love me when life is hard.
tall/short: Tall! My ex’s were 6’4”, 6’2”, 6’4”, 6’5”. And now I am dating a 5’ 7” man for the first time in my life and I don’t know how I feel about it…
Biggest turn off: Dishonesty or lack of kindness to me… to the  waiter… to his mother… to anyone or anything. 
Biggest turn on: trust, confidence, strong shoulders and hands (swoon), monogamy, humility, talking dirty, living life with unbridled enthusiasm.
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