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Today we are snip snip snipping all this off…

Today we are snip snip snipping all this off…

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"Peter’s not coming, darling.
You can latch the window and take the white ribbons from your hair,
stop sleeping with socks on and packing going-away bags.
Whispering the names of the lost boys will not hasten them to you.
Clapping your hands is no enchantment.
There is magic, though, in lining your eyes,
and spells to be cast in sharpening your tongue.
Come to me, darling, and I’ll show you how queens carry themselves.
I will teach you how to wrangle womanhood and tame it into a lapdog,
to recognize pirates without their hooks and rapier them with words,
to say no to heartless boys who need mothering
and make peace with stern princesses and jealous faeries.
I will help hide away childhood in the gilded cage of your ribs,
where it may blossom and thrive in the wildest part of you.
Here you will never grow old, never die.
Here is your Neverland, laced through your heart like corset strings,
tied up tight into a ribbon no span of years can unravel."
"To Growing Girls Who Dream of Neverland" by S.T. Gibson (via youreyesaregems)
“Peter’s not coming, Darling.”

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People get really irritated by mental illness. “Just fucking get it together! Suck it up, man!” I had a breakdown, and a spiritual friend came to visit me in the psych ward. And they said, “You need to get out of here. Because this is the story you’re telling yourself. You know, Patch Adams has this great work-group camp where you can learn how to really celebrate life.”

It’s something people are so powerless over, and so often they want to make it your fault. It’s nobody’s fault. I started thinking of suicide when I was 10 years old—I can’t believe that that’s somebody’s fault. Like, “Oh, you’re just an attention getter.” Mental illness isn’t seen as an illness, it’s seen as a choice.

Yeah. I have a joke about how people don’t talk about mental illness the way they do other regular illnesses. “Well, apparently Jeff has cancer. Uh, I have cancer. We all have cancer. You go to chemotherapy you get it taken care of, am I right? You get back to work.” Or: “I was dating this chick, and three months in, she tells me that she wears glasses, and she’s been wearing contact lenses all this time. She needs help seeing. I was like, listen, I’m not into all that Western medicine shit. If you want to see, then work at it. Figure out how not to be so myopic. You know?”


Maria Bamford (via thekateblack)

As someone who works in the mental health field and specifically with kids, this is incredibly important. People (and sometimes parents) just don’t understand that it’s not a choice.

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Anonymous asked: What are your favorite booties?


Oh, you’re speaking my language… I’m currently living in these.

For booties I tend to rely on Sam Edelman and Dolca Vita. Take care of them and resole the heels at the cobblers when need be and they’ll last forever. (I still wear a pair of boots I purchased when I was living in NYC seven years ago because I’ve done this.) Quality over quantity. Unless it is my favorite place in the world we are talking about… Target has some great booties. I wanted a pair that were cheap, easy, and had cut outs; these have been great.

If money was no object? These beauties from Vince would be mine..

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Anonymous asked: How do you have such amazing hair?? Secrets, please?


Thank you for the compliment… I don’t have any secrets, except don’t wash it too much, don’t mess with it too much (I’ve only dyed my hair once in my life, wasn’t really a fan after the novelty wore off & will probably never do it again), and get trims regularly. Oh, and drink a ton of water. Also, I wrote ENTIRELY way too much about my hair just last month. Have at it.

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Interior design orgasm.

The Zeppelin poster solidified the reblog. Stunning.

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"dress. undress again. you have me like a drawing, erased, colored in, untitled by your tongue."
Carol Ann Duffy, “Close” (via young-wanderer)

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